Sustainability branding for new impact consultancy Bolder

sustainability branding

Greatergood recently worked with ‘Snact’ Co-founders Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon on a brand identity for new sustainability venture, Bolder Impact.

Ilana & Michael set up the food-waste fighting snack brand ‘Snact‘ in 2013 – making waves in the snack category with one of the first fully compostable packaging wrappers.

“When we were running SNACT, many came to us for advice on starting/running a sustainable business. It seemed a natural progression to use our experience in business and expertise in sustainability to help other businesses. We love helping and collaborating with others – the more people/companies we can help, the greater our impact as well.”
– Ilana Taub (Co-founder, Snact & Bolder)

sustainability branding

Asked about their decision on brand naming and positioning Ilana added:

“We called it Bolder because we believe it’s time to be bolder. We’ve seen so much incremental change in business in response to huge environmental and social challenges we’re facing, and whilst that’s fine, we also need to face the reality that we are simply running out of time. We need bolder thinking, bolder ambition, and most importantly bolder actions!”

We look forward to seeing more amazing work from Ilana & Michael, and wish them all the best in their new venture!

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