Re-defining Beauty – What Does It Mean For The Modern-Day Consumer?

The Modern-Day Consumer

As we begin to redefine the idea of inclusivity in society and break down gender barriers. We are seeing exciting brand and product developments breaking through the noise of the beauty industry. Gender fluidity and traditional preconceptions of beauty are naturally having an impact on the beauty industry. Now with brands starting to offer consumers the tailored experiences they have been yearning for.

However we identity with ourselves, there is one thing we have in common. A desire to look and feel good.

Playing catch-up

The beauty industry (a natural extension of the fashion industry) is now beginning to catch up with gender fluidity. Which has always been prevalent in the worlds of music and fashion. Androgynous icons like Annie Lennox, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Prince were combining masculine and feminine characteristics. To create striking visuals years before brands began to catch on to this overlooked and undervalued market. Perfectly aligned with the millennial market, fashion retailers like ASOS have even ventured into the gender neutral market. With bold inclusive ranges like ‘Face + Body’.

gender barriers

Leading the way, gender barriers

The male toiletries market is up 1.4% growth on last year, currently overtaking growth of the overall toiletries market which is at a much slower 0.4%. Household names like Clinique, L’Oréal, Nivea and Dove are leading the way in this market with their entry level beauty products for men.  Which are a comfortable and safe transition into the bustling beauty market.

Closing the gap

With male product growth leading the market, brands and products are becoming braver and truly innovating in their category. Now closing the gap between male and female products.

Gender neutral beauty brands with cult followings are breaking down stereotypes and offering their customers unique experiences. Which inturn align with their own values. Ethical production, sustainable ingredients and waste reduction. Consequently  transparent marketing is now at the heart of these pioneering brands.


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