Food Packaging Design Finishes For Retail Success

food packaging design finishes

Product standout & shelf presence are a key concern for any food and drink brand. Packaging is your first impression and needs to resonate and attract consumers in increasingly competitive categories.

So how can you make use of additional finishing techniques to elevate your food and drink products?

Here we’ve selected a few of our favourite packaging design finishes for food retail success…

Embossing/Blind Embossing

Embossing or debossing is the process of creating a raised/recessed image on packaging. This adds a textural effect to packs which further compliments products of a more premium nature.

embossed packaging design

Diecutting For Product Windows

Diecutting is the process of a shape being cut from stock (paper). In food retail, product windows can be crucial and a perfect opportunity to create something unique and memorable with real shelf standout.

die cut packaging design

Gold/Colour Foiling

Gold and colour foiling have long been favoured in the food and drinks industry and are available in a wealth of colours. There are also options to suit all budgets with the choice of hot and cold foiling applications.

gold foil packaging design

Neon, Fluorescents & Pastel inks

For bolder brands and products that need to leap off the shelves – neons and fluorescent inks can be used easily with processes like Pantone Neons. Looking for something a bit more discerning? Pantone Pastels come in a wealth of beautiful softer tones.

neon packaging design

Spot UV

This is the process of applying a transparent gloss to design elements on pack. Perfect for adding depth and layers to illustrations, or making logos and typography pop.

spot uv packaging design

Transparency’s & White Inks

A great deal of creativity can be had with transparency across labels and films. White inks can add visual interest, purity and impact to your product category.

white ink packaging design

Stocks, Finishes & Texture

Different stocks and paper textures deliver a unique feeling to your brand. A soft touch satin can enhance a luxury label, whereas an uncoated ‘natural’ paper can help to position a more natural product.

paper packaging design

Have a packaging design project in mind? Get in touch today to hear more about how we can help your brand gain shelf appeal.


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