A CBD Wellness Pop-Up In Covent Garden

CBD mindfulness

Cannabidiol brand ‘Esenia’ created a two day CBD wellness pop-up in London’s Covent Garden. Spread across five experiential zones, the pop-up aimed to give Londoners a chance to reconnect with mind and body whilst discovering the proposed benefits of CBD.

CBD brand

Advocates for CBD and Esenia themselves claim the cannabis derived ingredient can:

  • Enhance well-being
  • Sooth tender muscles
  • Ease soreness and discomfort
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep and rest
  • Boost clarity and concentration
  • Sharpen focus

As we entered we were given a 4% CBD spray, before moving into five different zones designed to enhance the experience…

  1. Reset Zone
    On trying the spray participants gathered in the ‘Reset Zone’, an area to detach from the outside world and relax before moving through zones.
  2. The Haze Tunnel
    We were led through a haze filled tunnel complete with coloured lights and ambient sounds. This set the tone for the overall experience which was designed to hit us from every sensory angle possible.
  3. The Body Scan
    A mirrored room invited us to meditate while lasers formed patterns up and down the body. This might sound a bit cheesy / bordering on matrix madness, but the experience was actually quite surreal and calming aided by an audio guide.
  4. The Breathe Den
    An opportunity for a guided breathing meditation reminding us of the importance of deep diaphragmatic breathing as opposed to the shallow chest breathing we’re accustomed to.
  5. The Cocoon
    We were then invited to relax and rest in a purpose built ‘sleep room’, with eye-masks and meditative audio guide.
CBD wellness
Today, I am proud of myself because…
CBD wellness
Visitors invited to write and contribute to thought walls…
CBD wellness
‘The Breathe Den’ – guided breathing meditation
CBD wellness
‘The Cocoon’ – visitors taking full advantage of the sleeping opportunity!

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