Breaking Booze: The Rise of Low and No Alcohol Beverages

No Alcohol Beverages

With the rise of low and no alcohol beverages, consumers are now able to indulge in their favourite tastes without having to worry about the side effects of alcohol. For the health conscious consumer these new low percentage products allow them to reduce their alcohol intake or ‘drink days’. All while still maintaining a social life.

Functional drinks are set to make waves in 2019 and it’s only natural that the alcohol market is following suit. Although not a new concept – low alcohol drinks and mocktails are now flooding F&B menus and also beginning to make their way more heavily to retail. It’s clearly a booming market which isn’t showing signs of slowing down with £43m being spent on low and no alcohol beverages in 2018 (an increase of 28%!).

After the success of brands like Seedlip (the worlds first no alcohol distilled spirit – Diageo invested). Drinks brands have naturally jumped on the bandwagon with Heineken and Budweiser creating their own products, selling £6.5m alone in 2017-20181.

Millennials Trend Setters

At the forefront of the trend are the millennials – a generation drinking less than ever before. Statistics show that nearly 30% of young people in England now choosing to be teetotal. Call them snowflakes all you will, but they are simply not happy with a £7 bottle of vodka from the corner shop. Or the alternate cheap shots and sticky floors. The Instagram generation are happy to spend their hard earned cash. However their buying decisions are emotive. They spend their money on experiences, and are far more likely to be seen at an immersive pop-up spending £15 on a single serve. But one which has a story and emotion behind it.

Perhaps the trend has gained momentum with events such as Dry January. Consequently  becoming less of a new year challenge, and more common sense after a Christmas blowout. Its’s clear that our outlook on booze has begun to shift.

In this perfect storm of consumers driving change there is great opportunity for new and innovative drinks developments. Even with price tags that a consumer may not normally be willing to pay in the soft drinks landscape.


Millennials modern day consumers 


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